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Try Out TVCC!

Try Out TVCC allows new high school and GED graduates the chance to take a FREE Class for Summer 2024! 

To Take Advantage of This Offer:

  • Students must be registered and have filled out the tuition-free course registration form with an advisor by Friday, June 21, 2024.
  • Summer classes begin on Monday, June 24, 2024.

Ready to Sign Up for Classes?

Apply for Admission Here!  Schedule An Appointment with an Advisor

You can sign up for this offer at any time before the deadline, but you must meet with an advisor, be admitted, and registered by June 21, 2024. Give us a call at (541) 881-5815, email us at, or visit us in the Student Services Center to set up an appointment with an advisor. Our advisors also have online scheduling calendars available here.

Unable to register in-person? Our advisors are happy to meet with you over Zoom or over the phone.

 * Offer limited to any credit class that has a tuition charge and still has open space in the course at the time of registration. Only tuition and general college fees are waived for the one free class. Course specific fees, course supplies and textbooks are not included in the offer and are required to be paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

This offer waives Standard Student fees and Universal Fees in addition to Tuition. Other course associated fees will still apply such as Specific Course Fees, Course Supplies, Required Textbooks, etc. These additional costs are not part of the free class offer.

Any credit class that has a tuition charge and still has open space at the time of registration

Not included: Dual-credit high school courses, non-credit classes and Center for Business, Workforce and Community Learning classes, and students taking classes who are still in high school are not included and are not eligible for this free class offer.

At the time of registration, you choose which class you want to designate for this offer. After registration is complete, you may not make changes to the selection of which class is eligible.

This offer is not eligible for more than one class. If you're taking more than one class, consider applying for financial aid to see if you qualify for more assistance. See our Financial Aid page for information and a link to the free FAFSA financial aid application.

You must be admitted and registered by June 21, 2024 to take advantage of this opportunity for new students

We are excited that you may be considering coming back to school and hope you'll take a look at other financial aid opportunities. Please also send an email to and we will help you find additional opportunities.