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Treasure Valley Community College strives to maintain academic continuity when normal activities are disrupted. Extended closures and course cancellations can occur for a variety of reasons: inclement weather, widespread illness, family emergencies, unexpected events, and even business travel. It's important that faculty, staff and students are prepared to adapt as necessary to address the challenges of continuing course work in the event that meeting face-to-face is not possible. Plan now and adopt tools that will help you to teach or work remotely to reduce stress if such a need arises.


Resources for Faculty


TVCC has collected the following guides and tutorials to assist you with preparing online instructional materials.

Resources for Students


If you are a student check out the following guides and tutorials to prepare you to attend remote courses.

Resources for Staff


Looking for instructions to work remotely? Check out the how to guides for accessing college resources.

Get Help


Need some extra help with using your technology?  Check out where you can find additional help.

Spring Quarter

Schedule start date: March 30th.

All classes will be delivered online for at least two weeks at the beginning of the Spring term. However, instructors will conduct the classes "live." (Example: If the class is scheduled on Monday morning at 8:00 am, the instructor will broadcast that class at 8:00 am on Monday morning.) Students will have a link in their Canvas course to click and log-in.

There will be some exceptions, as not all classes can be delivered in an online format. A list of classes that will not be offered online (for at least two weeks) is being developed and will be posted on the website. Classes that have labs will be front loaded with lecture, which means the labs will be held after it is decided that classes can resume as scheduled.

Classes will be offered via Canvas and Zoom at the scheduled date and time. Students will log into their Canvas shells and access the live lecture via Zoom. This will allow students to receive the information directly from the instructor as if they were in a live class and will further allow students to participate and ask questions.

Students and faculty will receive detailed instructions on how to access their classes electronically. We have already begun providing training and instructions to faculty for this transition.

Quick Checklist

Use this checklist to assess your readiness and planning for alternative delivery options. 

Academic Continuity Checklist