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To Our Supporters

As TVCC considers urgent needs for our students and our community, it's clear that we must do more to support our healthcare providers and improve access to high quality and affordable care. An increasing elderly population, coupled with an aging and over-worked healthcare workforce, along with huge demands from the pandemic, creates an imperative for TVCC to expand healthcare programs and open more opportunities for students. With larger updated facilities, and state-of-the-art technology, TVCC can expand capacity of our current programs, and add new critically needed programs. The addition of a new Nursing & Allied Health Professions Center will support long-term economic impact in our region by building a skilled workforce, creating and retaining rural healthcare jobs, and providing educational and training opportunities for under-represented and priority student populations in our region. We invite you to join us!
Dr. Jim & Jean Mann

A legacy of Giving

DR. JIM MANN completed his time on earth just a few weeks shy of his 94th birthday, but he left behind a lifetime career as a family doctor and surgeon in Ontario. Dr. Mann and his wife, Jean, moved to Ontario in 1964 with their young sons, David and Donnie. He joined the Tanaka Clinic next to the hospital where he practiced until retirement. Jean Mann also shared her husband's passion of caring for others. During WWII she joined the cadet nursing program and became a registered nurse and went on to become a clinical instructor in pediatric nursing. The couple were active members of the community and were champions for education and TVCC. In his later years, Dr. Mann joined the TVCC Foundation Board where he served for several years. His strong commitment to education inspired him to create the Dr. James and Emma Jean Mann Scholarship for TVCC students. When Dr. Mann found out about the proposed new Nursing & Allied Health Professions Center, he was excited and happy to invest in the project.


Commemoration & Recognition

Nursing & Allied Health Professions Center

   Testing Center $100,000
   4 Large Classrooms $100,000 Each
   EMT/Occupational/Physical Therapy Classroom $100,000
   West Student Lounge and Outdoor Common Area $50,000
   Hallway Student Lounge $50,000

   Medical Assistant/Phlebotomy Classroom  $100,000
   Nursing Lab $100,000
   3 Simulation Labs $150,000 Each
   Nursing Faculty Office Suite $75,000
   3 Collaboration Rooms $25,000 Each
   Collaboration Room/Conference Room $50,000
   Hallway Student Lounge $50,000
   Small Classroom $75,000

An entire building, a room, or a piece of equipment can be provided to the college in your name or to memorialize or honor a loved one.  Gifts to capital projects can leave a lasting legacy for you and your family.

To find out more about ways to make a difference in your life and the lives of others, contact the Foundation Office at (541) 881-5585 or by email at cyasuda@tvcc.cc. 


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