So you need some help with an assignment? Our lab personnel will:

  • Be respectful and helpful when you bring us your paper.
  • Offer constructive criticism in the area for which you request help.
  • Get to you and your paper in a timely manner and in the order we are presented with it.
  • Offer help if we see you enter the lab, but sometimes you will have to ask us.
  • Supply you with handouts about citation, writing genres, and grammer if desired.
  • Help you find other resources that we don't have already.

When you are stressed about a paper.... Take a deep breath and remember that everything will be okay. We are here to help!


How does the Writing Lab Work?

Check In

Once you have a writing assignment that you could use some help with, simply come down to BH-105. The instructor on duty will help you check in to the Writing Lab so your class instructor has a record of your visit. You will need to know your Student ID # to check in.

Come Prepared

Our goal is to help you develop your independent writing skills. The English instructors who work in the Writing Lab are here to support you as you write. This means that during your visit, the instructors will work alongside you to help you find solutions to your own questions. When you come to the Lab, bring all of your ideas, written drafts, assignment guidelines, and questions, and be prepared to work! Plan to get help well before your assignments are due!

 Ask Questions!

The Lab instructors will do their best to answer any questions that you have, but specifically our writing instructors can help you

  • Understand the requirements of an essay assignment;
  • Brainstorm ideas for an essay;
  • Evaluate the strength of your thesis statement;
  • Organize your ideas in a logical sequence;
  • Identify major grammar errors (and explain how to fix them!);
  • Use research in an essay;
  • Cite source material according to MLA, APA, or Chicago styles;
  • Format your essays;