Club & Organizations Policies

Associated Student Clubs and Organizations exist as a means of providing meaningful programs that supplement the educational process by offering educational, social, cultural, and recreational activities and events for the general student body. These clubs and organizations are formed to fulfill a common interest of a group of students and will follow the appropriate Associated Student Body clubs and organizations chartering procedures for membership.

Programs and events organized by clubs and organizations must take place outside of the classroom and are not generally associated with an instructional area or department of the college. It is recognized that certain clubs may have a relationship with an instructional program even though it is not their primary purpose as an organization. As a result, clubs or organizations will not be authorized to supplement activities that would typically be considered departmental costs. However, they may co-sponsor activities that fit the criteria of extra-curricular or co-curricular activities.

  1. ASTVCC Clubs must have a minimum of 10 currently registered TVCC student member signatures on its charter application and charter renewal. Students must be currently enrolled and in good academic standing (as defined by institutional guidelines) to participate in club activities and events.
  2. Each club must select a permanent advisor. Advisors must be a current TVCC faculty, staff member, or administrator.
  3. Clubs affiliated with a parent organization are considered a TVCC chapter of the parent organization, and must submit operating documents of the parent organization (constitution and bylaws) with the chartering application. Institutional policies shall precede any outside affiliations.
  4. Clubs must not discriminate on any basis. This includes; race, creed, color, national origin, sex, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, physical or mental disability, age or veteran status.
  5. Clubs need to appoint a member to attend weekly meetings with the activities committee. Contact Student Activities for meeting days & times.
  6. Clubs must maintain an open membership program that encourages prospective members to join. All meetings and events must be open to the entire TVCC student population.
  7. When a club becomes an ASTVCC chartered club it agrees;
    1. To abide by ASTVCC regulations and procedures.
    2. To present programs that are educational, recreational, cultural, or social in nature and do not demonstrate danger, acts of violence, or disruption of any ASTVCC activity or any college facility.
    3. To abide by all state and federal laws.
    4. That no individual member of the club will personally profit from any activity affiliated with the club, or use approved, budgeted ASTVCC funds for any expenses unrelated to club needs, nor solicit funds for personal use from other club members.
  8. Failure to abide by college policies will result in review and possible loss of ASTVCC club charter.
  1. Secure an advisor that will serve for the academic year. Advisors must be a current full-time TVCC faculty member, staff member, or administrator. For a Caldwell club, the advisor must be employed by the Caldwell Center. For dual-campus clubs, two advisors are required - one from the Caldwell Center and one from Ontario.
  2. Secure a minimum of 10 currently registered TVCC student member signatures on the charter application. Students must be registered a minimum of part time to participate in club activities and events. The ASG Vice President is available to assist with aninterest/organizational meeting to promote membership. For dual-campus clubs, a minimum of 10 currently registered TVCC students is required from both the Caldwell Center and the Ontario campus.
  3. Complete an ASTVCC Application for Club Charter form from the Associated Student Government (ASG) office.
  4. The ASTVCC Student Government Vice President will present the prospective charter at the next regularly scheduled meeting for discussion. Prospective club members and/or the club advisor are required to attend the meeting to answer pertinent questions.
  5. At the following regularly scheduled meeting, the ASTVCC Student Government will review the application and vote to either accept or deny the prospective charter request. The prospective club will be notified in writing of the decision.
  6. If the ASTVCC chartering request is not approved, then the Associated Student Government will provide a written explanation. If the club is provisionally approved, the Associated Student Government will provide a written explanation of steps necessary to complete the recognition process.
  1. All active ASTVCC clubs must annually submit a Club Charter Renewal Form in order to remain active. Renewal forms must be completed by the sixth regularly scheduled meeting of the ASG during the fall quarter.
  2. The ASG Vice President will hold regular monthly meetings for the clubs. These meetings are held to inform, share, and collaborate with the ASG on campus. Failure to attend two consecutive meetings may affect the ability of the club to request funds from the ASG or the status of the club charter.