Mandatory Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse

HB 4016 (Effective January 1, 2013) adds an employee of a higher education institution to the list of public or private officials required to report child abuse to law enforcement or the Department of Human Services. To get the current list of mandatory reporters and for the definition of child abuse, please access the Oregon Child Abuse Reporting Law found at ORS 419B.005 to 419B.050.

Click here for more information about TVCC's policies regarding mandatory reporting and to find resources to help employees ensure they are aware of their responsibilities under this law. 



Employee Wellness

Mission Statement

The Employee Wellness Program seeks to offer programs and activities at the workplace to positively affect the workplace health culture and individual health status of the employee and family.


The Employee Wellness Program realizes success through lowering costs of health care utilization, having a positive impact on employee work productivity, and minimizing time away from work costs.


The Employee Wellness Program will receive $1000 a year, subject to annual budgetary constraints. This money will be used to fund a portion of, or all of, a program/activity, supplies, program kits, prizes for success, promotional items, guest lecturers, etc.

Employee Participation

Employee participation in any program or activity is completely voluntary. However, there are many documents and surveys which show that participation in wellness programs is beneficial through reduced absences, reduced health care costs, and an overall increase in physical health. If there is a minimal cost involved to the employee, research also shows the employee tends to stick with the program/activity longer.

A program/activity may be offered during work hours to increase the rate of employee participation; it would be available during the lunch break or for no more than 20 minutes. Supervisors should encourage (by allowing the time off or rescheduling tasks if necessary) their employees to participate in wellness programs/activities.