Noe Gonzalez, Director

Master of Business Administration, Washington State University, WA.

Noe has had a rewarding career working with underrepresented students in higher education for over a triennial. He has moved around throughout his lifetime, born and raised in Southern California where he later moved to Idaho and participated in various educational and social development projects and then making his way home to Oregon.

Phone: 541-881-5534


Jennifer Valdivia, Department Assitant

Jennifer was born in California, but had to move often as her father was an agricultural worker who followed the work. They finally settled in Oregon when she was 16 years of age, where she has lived to this day. She now works to help families who are in similar situations as she was growing up.

Phone: 541-881-5508


Dalila Garza, Instructor

Bachelor of Science in Education, University of Idaho, ID.

Dalila: "As a migrant child, I learned the value of hard work from my family; summer mornings in the fields and late nights at the bodegas. HEP students demonstrate the same kind of hard work, dedication and sacrifice. It is with these tools that anyone can reach their goals, fulfill their dreams, lead by example and make a change if given the opportunity.  Here you have an opportunity. Welcome to the HEP Family!"

Phone: 541-881-5536


Leslie Esquivel, HEP Recruiter

Associate of Arts, Treasure Valley Community College, OR.

Leslie has lived in the Treasure Valley her entire life where she has involved herself in her community in numerous ways. Now she works with the objective of giving others more opportunities and tools in order to be better equipped for what life throws at them.

Office: 541-881-5535
Cell: 208-740-3421