The Metro Institute provides online computer-based testing services in Oregon for the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA). TVCC is proud to be an ODA proctored testing site for Pesticide Certifications.

Anyone wishing to hold a pesticide license with the Oregon Department of Agriculture must contact Metro Institute directly to schedule a computer-based exam.

Test Scheduling Procedure:

  1. Call Metro Institute to schedule an exam: 877-533-2900 or visit the Metro Institute website at and select Oregon.
  2. Make Payment ($58 per test) by check, Visa, MC, AX, or PayPal. If mailing a check, send to Metro Institute, 331 N First Ave, Ste 100, Phoenix, AZ 85003. Payment must be made directly to Metro Institute, TVCC cannot accept exam payments.
  3. 48 hour notice is required to schedule any exam. There is no charge to reschedule an exam with 24 hour notice.
  4. Don't forget: You must bring your valid photo ID to the testing site.
Test Study Materials are available here:

Helpful Test Information:

  • You will have two hours to take each examination. Most people complete each test in less than one hour. Therefore, take your time and read each question and each of the possible answers very carefully.
  • You may skip questions and return to them later. You may review any or all of the test as long as you have time remaining on the clock. If you forget to answer any questions before selecting the "Finish Test" button, you will receive one warning that you have unanswered questions. You may then answer those questions and then click the "Finish Test" button again to get your final score.
  • Most tests have 100 questions and you must answer 70% correctly to pass. For instance, on a test with 100 questions you could miss up to 30 questions and still receive a passing score. However, if you miss 31 or more questions you will receive a failing score and then must re-schedule to take the test a second time.
  • You may take a practice test as many times as you wish prior to the real exam. Click the following link, to take a Demo Exam. (This is only a sample to demonstrate the computer-based testing experience)

 Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have successfully completed the "Laws and Safety" exam and at least one Category-Specific exam, you may qualify for a license. However, you must first apply for a license from the ODA. The pesticide license application will be sent to either the email address or mailing address given when your test was scheduled. The email address or mailing address may be that of an employer or future employer if they scheduled your test. If you want your test results to go ONLY to you, you must make sure the contact information is accurate. If you have any questions about your license, please contact the Pesticides Division at 503-986-4635.

When you complete your test, be sure and print your score sheet. You will be prompted by the computer to do this at the end of your testing period. If you passed your test, the score sheet is your written proof that you have passed that specific exam. Please review the BOLD text on your score sheet for licensing information. If you failed your test, the score sheet will tell you which "Content Areas" you need to study.

If you failed any of the tests, you may re-take that exam. Call Customer Service toll free (877) 533-2900 at Metro Institute to schedule a new testing time.