TVCC provides a range of services to help employers connect with students and alumni.

Posting Jobs & Recruiting TVCC Students

Our students are often looking for flexible jobs that fit with their classes, or work experience to help them get "a foot in the door" for their prospective career. Submitting a job announcement to be posted for TVCC students is simple and easy.  Please contact Hannah May via email ( or phone (541-881-5818).

Serve on an Advisory Committee

Help us meet the needs of industry. Join your peers from business, industry, labor & government in advising our educational programs regarding the needs and trends in your occupation. 

Serve as a Resource

TVCC offers a number of opportunities to connect with students. Contact us to find out ways you can participate in a panel of guest speakers make a presentation to students on topics specific to your area of expertise, review and critique student resumes/cover letters, conduct practice job interviews, and give advice on how students can develop their careers. 

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